My Story, Ailbhe Harrington, Founder of Aspire Coach Training

Gangaji, in her book, “The Diamond in your pocket” says “The treasure that I invite you to receive, is in your pocket right now, the pocket of your heart. The heart that I speak of is even closer than your physical heart. It is closer to you than your emotional heart. It is the heart that is the core of your being. Any step to go somewhere to find it implies that it is not already right here where you are. Simply see the radiant bounty of your true nature, accept that bounty, and then you will share that bounty quiet naturally.” 

This quote really resonates with me when I reflect back on my life journey and training as a coach many years ago. I have had many challenges in my life and so bringing humanity to my work is part of who I am. Like others the challenges keep coming and I keep learning! My cumulated learning to date which will likely sound corny, is that love is a vital ingredient for us to feel whole. Essentially, being compassionate with ourselves, and with others. Also seeing the gifts and opportunities in the challenges, being willing to be vulnerable, laughing and having fun, being kind and giving back to others, and aspiring to learn, grow and become all that we can become. 

I have had a number of defining moments in my life, all of them challenging me to grow, to listen to my own wisdom and discover the diamond within. When I was 24 I travelled overland on a four-ton army truck with a group of people through Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Far East, and yes this was one of my defining experiences. I always wanted to give something back and so with Self Help Africa I raised money and visited a project in Zambia, twice in the last 4 years providing leadership training and coaching. I also co-founded Connect A Coach in March 2020 at the beginning of Covid19, which provided free coaching for frontline staff so that they could reach out for support during this challenging time.

I had a portfolio career before it became fashionable, working in jobs ranging from selling encyclopedias, being a croupier, medical sales rep, manager of a charity, leadership and management training specialist, lecturer in personal development and group dynamics, and currently running my own business for the last 13 years. 

After many wonderful years of delivering an ICF programme for Coaching Development I decided it was time to step out and create my own programme and so I founded Aspire Coach Training in 2022. It has my unique stamp on it and has enabled me to bring together all of my experience as a coach, coach trainer and coach supervisor, innovative ideas, new thinking and an alignment with the new structures set out by the International Coaching Federation.

As a trainer for the last 30 years I have learned how vital it is to create a safe and supportive environment so that others can travel their own incredible journey as they learn and grow towards becoming professional coaches. Those who I have had the honour of working with tell me I am warm, empathic, open, supportive, curious, reflective, professional, expressivecalm, authentic, challenging, wise, playful, honest, tenacious and vulnerable. 

Here are some of the interesting things I have jumped into learning and have enjoyed…

MA in Coaching, Diploma in Coaching, Coach Supervision, Team Coaching, Integrative Arts Therapist, Stress Management, , Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Multiple Brain Integration Techniques, Conversational Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Capital Self and 360 Reports, Positive Neuro Plasticity, Positive Intelligence, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Deep Sea Diving, and I am currently learning the piano and want to learn Spanish.

I am a Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, the largest global body for coaching (highest credential with over 3,000 hours of coaching) and I have won the Ireland Chapter Awards; Coach of the Year (2016), Trainer of the Year (2017), Supervisor of the Year (2020) and the President’s Award for Social Enterprise (2020)

My team and I would be honoured and privileged to travel this learning journey with you. If you would like to join our programme please don’t hesitate to contact us.