A welcome message from our founder, Ailbhe Harrington

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a psychologically safe educational journey that enables each person to experience becoming as fully human as possible, accessing their full potential so that they in turn can enable others to become as fully human as possible and accessing their full potential. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a catalyst that generates love and compassion in societies, families, organisations, and the world. 

Our Courses

We are committed to providing high-quality coach education accredited through the largest global coaching body. Our Foundation in Professional Coaching Skills is accredited as a Level 1 programme with the International Coaching Federation, and we are currently piloting our Level 2 programme.

Our learning philosophy and values

Our philosophy and values form the steady base that guide us in how we work together as a faculty and in how we engage with every individual who chooses to learn and grow as a coach with us. 

  • We believe that to learn and grow we need to be in a psychologically safe environment
  • Our mindset is one of continuous improvement and this underpins all our offerings
  • We believe that we are all creative, resourceful and whole
  • There is no such thing as failure only trial and grow
  • Our vulnerability is our greatest strength
  • We coach the “WHO” of the person not the “What” or story
  • As coaches we are the most important tool in coaching, and with that we need to develop self-awareness and be able to get out of our own way
  • Safety comes before challenge, yet we need to step into challenge as coaches
  • To become an authentic coach, we have to experience the journey of being a coachee, with all the highs, lows and vulnerability
  • The quality of our relationship with ourselves is vital if we are to be truly present, compassionate, transparent and authentic in how we coach
  • We are passionate about coaching and want all coaches to be experienced as credible and professional

Our faculty of Professional Coaches

Our faculty of coaches are all members of the International Coaching Federation. Aspire Coach Training and our faculty are committed to and agree to be accountable to the ICF Code of Ethics. We are committed to the ICF Values of Professionalism, Collaboration, Humanity and Equity. Aspire Coach Training commits to acting with integrity and transparency in all of its activities. We hold ourselves and our participants to the highest level of integrity and strive to be open and clear about our policies, processes, actions, and ethics. 

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